The Solar Brotherhood – The Inkas Spiritual Origin Told By The Apus – Ebook English Version

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This book narrates the Cosmic Origin of the Inkas´ Spirituality, and of that of men and women, in the whole world. It is a different perspective, seen from the point of view of Superior Beings (Apus), and related to events registered in different documents, archaeological remains of the world´s most ancient cultures, considered, today, as sacred and important supports of faith and hope. It is the knowledge of historical facts the masters and founders of the so-called ‘Empire of the Sun’ have kept in their memory, and that time has converted into legends and myths.

It is the origin of that lineage of men; builders of a society with criteria of justice and equality, creators of happy nations that, amidst dances, songs and mutual help, erected the extraordinary works that, up to this day, are the world´s admiration. Furthermore, they have left us what is most valuable: Their Supreme Spiritual Message, for the future, in the human being´s constant struggle, with himself, and against those who not only are stubbornly dehumanizing him, but, also, destroying our beloved Mother Earth.

Author: Amaro Kutiq
Publisher: Editorial Regesa
Year: 2020
Location: Cusco – Peru

50  MB (Original weight)
ISBN Code: 978-612-48272-5-9


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